What is Bubble

In this first introductory video about Bubble (a programming language), the presenter defines Bubble as the visual programming language that lets us build web applications without code.

With Bubble, we can make any application like a marketplace, a social network and even a CRM (customer relationship management). All of that can be made without the exhausting setup that the traditional programming frameworks require.

From 00:20, the presenter tells that in this video series, we’ll learn Bubble from beginning i.e. how it works and helps you build the foundation for the application you may want to make.

From 00:30, the actual working of Bubble is showed in browser where first of all, you have to start a new app by navigating to ‘my apps’ button. Give your application a name and fill out more info on the createfile popup and hit the ‘create’ button. When you make a Bubble application, the assistant will appear on the screen and will guide you to some common setup procedures.

At 00:50, these setup functions are run step by step by the assistant. The first one here is the title of our application which appears on the tab of our browser. Then there is Language selection and an icon picker. You can upload your favourite icon or just use the already provided one. There is also a plugins installer for you to extend the functionality of your app if you have one in mind.

In the last, if your application will be connecting to any external APIs, Bubble’s APIs connector allows for that. You can install this as a plugin from the showed screen.

That was it. Your Bubble application is set up and ready to go.

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