The Bubble Application Editor

In this video about the application editor interface of Bubble, the presenter takes us through the seven tabs that help us build our application. First of these seven tabs is Design tab, which is used to define our application’s visual appearance.

The second one is Workflow tab, which is used for defining how our application will interact with the users i.e., user interaction. Next one is Data, which is essential to manage the data our users create using the application. Another one is Styles, for creating reusable designs.

There’s also a Plugins tab. As said in the previous video, it is used to add extended functionality in our application. The Settings tab is to define app-wide controls and connect to external services with just one click. And the last one being the Logs tab, which is there for monitoring our application’s usage and activity.

From 00:37, the presenter puts Bubble as a hosting provider. What hosting provider means is our application is running the moment you create it. To see our application running, hit Preview button on the top right corner of the browser page. Bubble has two modes.

The Development mode and the Live mode. The Live mode is what our users use and Development mode is what we use to test what we are building, without impacting our Live app. The Live mode is also referred to as Run mode because here we are previewing our application running.

At 1:09, he tells us about the auto save mode of Bubble and how any change in our application is automatically saved. The Run mode will notify us to see the changes. When the overall changes are ready to publish in Development mode, drop down to Development tab in the upper right corner and click ‘Deploy current version to live’.

Fill out some description of what this deploy contains, so if you ever want to revert back, you know which to revert to. Once the application is deployed, switch from development mode to live mode in the same tab. Hit Preview button again and here we can see all the changes we’ve made in development mode. The Live mode is read only so we can only see and read the changes we’ve made.

The application will be there, live on our appname followed by bubbleapps.io. We can share for all to see or add our own domain to it. That was all for the preview of our application.

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