How to build a marketplace app like Airbnb without code using Bubble

In this video Brett Somers has told that how can you build a website like “Airbnb” without needing to be an engineer.

It is not that really difficult because if you think about it a marketplace application like Airbnb, it does not have the most advanced functionality in the world.

Tools Required for Building Marketplace Application – From 1m:10s

So in order to get a marketplace application off the ground without writing a single line of code, we are going to turn to three tools to help us accomplish this process. Let’s just have a look on review quickly like how the web applications work.

How Web Applications Work? – From 1m:34s

The following image shown is called the model view controller framework and it shows how the most websites and web applications on the web actually work.

Viewing the Application

The process starts from the view that is actually what everything everyone sees when you actually go to a web page so when you are interacting with Airbnb by scrolling and clicking, you are doing this all by viewing the application.


Model is where the data is stored and all of those actions inside the database that is going to be handled by the controller but for now just think for what a potential model could be for Airbnb.

It could be sensed for what things do the people at Airbnb need to keep track of users, rooms and homes that those users are sharing and they also like to keep track of things like billing bookings. Therefore, it shows that they need a lot of data to be really handled.


The controller plays a major role like a big glue in between the view and the model. The controller starts with the action of user and the controller will send command to database about what the user is actually trying to do.

The database then notifies the controller that the user is not signed in yet and the user actually needs to create an account for further proceeding by signing in to the page.

Tools to be Used – From 3m:50s


The first tool is called “Bubble” which is a visual programming language and that is going to handle a lot of designs and display. The other two tools get into things called workflow and databases.


Other tools that will be used to make successful model view controller model without using any code. The first tool after bubble that handles a lot of our views and of the work clothes as well but majority of our workflows are going to be handled through “Zapier”. Zapier tool allows the user to put a lot of powerful workflows and tools you use every day like Gmail, Twitter etc.

One of the cool things about Zapier is that it allows us to do things that include messaging users, handling billing. So it is a quite powerful tool when someone uses it. They have recently released multi steps apps that allows the users to do much more things at a time.

Block Spring

This tool is usually used for the data side things. Block spring is a database powerhouse that allows you to grab data from sites like Amazon. If the user needs to search all of the Amazon’s products in application then it allows to run searches inside of some of Google’s APIs.

It also allows you to get access to data without needing to write a complicated code base that queries runs and gets things from an API so all terms that we will explore later on a block spring makes it really easy.

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