Extending Your Bubble App

In this last video about the Bubble introductory series, the presenter tells us that how can we extend our application beyond the trivial elements and workflows.

Bubble has a vast library of plugins which gives Bubble even more to offer. These plugins range from custom elements like multi-select dropdowns to progress bars to integrations with other services around the web.

From 00:19, he tells us how to add plugin to our application. Navigate to Plugins Tab, find the plugin we like and hit install. One of the most powerful plugins here is Bubble API connector, which allows to connect almost any external API by making calls from our app. This allows us to get data from these external services or even trigger some actions on these services, like sending a text or charging a credit card.

We can also extend Bubble by exposing our app’s data API. All it takes is one click and our application has its own restful interface for its datatypes that others can use to talk to our app. We can also send a newsletter with backend workflows that will run whenever we tell it to.

At 01:00, the presenter talks about the extensibility of Bubble and that it is as extensible as any other traditional web framework but there are even more resources.

From 01:10, he explains about the jumpstart that Bubble gives us when building our application. There are a bunch of templates that Bubble offers us to add to our account and start from them. These templates contain ready-made designs and workflows so we can get right to launching our app. There’s also a plugin marketplace for other elements, functions and integrations that our application can use.

Moreover, we can also make or sell our own templates and plugins and sharing them with the larger community. There are also Bubble interactive lessons which will take us to the Editor and repeat the process from principles we covered here and help strengthen them as we make our app.

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