Deploying & Scaling Bubble Apps

In this video, we are going to learn how to deploy and scale a Bubble application. the presenter tells us how can we deploy the application on its own domain after it is ready to go live.

He tells us to navigate to the Settings Tab and under Domain/email enter that domain. Bubble will then give you records for your domain provider and once those are settled, our application will live there once will deploy. When we are running a live application, Bubble now acts as our hosting service.

From 00:24, he guides us about the Logs Tab, to monitor how things are going. Here we can see some important information. This Log tab consists of three sub tabs which are: Capacity, to view analytics for how your app has been running. Server Logs, to view server-side workflows and the Scheduler, to view and cancel any workflows that are scheduled to run.

The Capacity Tab shows us how our application is handling users interacting with it. At 00:48, he defines capacity as ‘capacity is a concept that Bubble has to allow for your application to do more stuff in a given period of time’. We can increase capacity for our application for an hour in the Settings Tab when our application is starting to show that it is hitting its peak through the graphs shown.

From 01:04, he tells us about deploying the application. To make sure that we have no issues when we deploy, Bubble has two tools to help us. The first one is Issue Checker and the second one is Debugger. Issue Checker will flag any incorrectly filled out information or any mismatches.

We must have no issues, otherwise we won’t be able to deploy. When previewing our app in run mode, the Debugger seems to be on the bottom. It allows us to inspect elements on the page and view their properties that were set in the Property Editor.

At 01:32, the presenter enlightens us about the workflow speed, which can be run at different speeds. The debugger has three buttons for workflow speeds, the Normal, the slower and the Step-by-Step. The most efficient way to run a workflow is at step-by-step mode. In this mode, we will manually step through all of the actions we have and making sure all of our connections are set up the way we want.

Bubble is always there to help as our application grows. Even if our application goes viral, Bubble has it covered and will keep everything moving forward without us having to worry.

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