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City of Oakland Digitizes Citizen Experiences With OutSystems

The City of Oakland had a mission: transform access to municipal services for its citizens.

However CIO/CTO Andrew “Pete” Peterson headed a small team of only six developers, so developing native applications wasn’t going to work for them.

It would be too slow and cumbersome, rewriting the same code over and over, when really what is important to them is delivering apps to their users that are consistent in look and feel, and operate the business logic that implements how their procedures work.

Using the Outsystems low code platform they have been able to rapidly build numerous applications including a police HR database, that saved the city a $ half a million, a case management app for the police review board that supports filing and checking on the status of a complaint, and an app store called ‘Oak Apps’. Critically it supports a single ‘provide once, use many’ architecture for citizens profiles that is shared across all the apps.

With this foundation in place they are now able to use the analytics tools to better understand and market city services to their citizens – Outsystems has enabled them to deliver digital transformation quickly and cost effectively.

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