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City of Las Vegas Dazzles Users, Slashes Costs With Low Code

The City of Las Vegas has a population of 640,000 but hosts 42 million visitors per year.

As such there is considerable demand for online city services but they had lagged in their development, and so pressure grew from the city council and citizens to quickly address the situation.

They wanted to tear down departmental silos and rapidly develop solutions so they turned to the Outsystems low code platform. This has enabled them to build feature rich, cross-department applications that delight their users, with key functionality and benefits such as:

  • Offline synchronization: Their inspectors go into developing areas of the city where there is no network connection. So the inspectors mobile app can work offline, caching the data locally and synchronizing it when they return online.
  • Faster app delivery: Solutions are built in 2-3 months versus 6-8 months.
  • Increased productivity: Cut crew inspection times by at least 25%.
  • Cost reduction: Reduced hardware costs by 50% through moving from expensive, ruggedized laptops to iPads.
  • Faster innovation: They have accelerated their throughput of new solution deployment, increasing the frequency to new releases weekly.

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