Bubble: Building Software Without Code with Emmanuel Straschnov

In this video, Bubble Co-CEO/Founder Emmanuel Straschnov will discuss how his company is accelerating the trend of ‘Software Eating The World’.

Before summarizing the video, let’s talk about Bubble and what it does?

Bubble is at the same time a visual programming tool and a cloud platform. You use the programming tool to build your applications, while the cloud platform hosts and runs them. The application editor is accessed in the browser. There is nothing to download, and you can access your app from any device. Once an application is built on Bubble, there is no need to deploy the application to a cloud solution. As soon as an app is built on Bubble, it is hosted on Bubble’s cloud infrastructure.

Bubble lets you build web applications. The applications can be accessed in a browser on a computer, tablet, or phone. Applications have a database and users can create an account, save data, retrieve data, etc. Bubble’s powerful editor is open-ended, and as a traditional programming language, there’s no fixed set of possibilities. By combining different data and logic operations, you can create very simple to extremely complicated applications. Without getting into a detailed list of features, Bubble supports:

  1. Creating user accounts.
  2. Saving, modifying, deleting, and retrieving data.
  3. Real-time updates.
  4. Connecting to any kind of external services that expose an API (including payments, sources of data, authentication providers, etc.).
  5. Building responsive applications, which adjust to the width of the screen.

Bubble is very open-ended. That said, there are some limits to what the core language can do. Bubble’s language is comparable in power to spreadsheet formulas: you can do a lot, but anything requiring recursive or looping operations on data (such as, for instance, writing a custom machine-learning algorithm) would be difficult. The good news is that Bubble is fully extensible via Javascript plugins.

You can create your own plugins to add connections to non-supported services, add elements written in Javascript, or write server code. The Bubble model is to write the core website functionality using our visual language and plug in Javascript to handle algorithms that are harder to build in Bubble.

Bubble’s visual approach to building user interfaces can also limit what you can do. For instance, Bubble is probably not the best choice to build a platform game. Bubble apps support animating elements on the page, but you may hit some limits if you try to design new user experiences.

Video Summary

Bubble allows you to build software and app with no coding. It’s a new way to build software. In the beginning, Bubble creator chose web applications and websites like or, websites that actually do something with like database functionality behind it most of the time.

So people can just build it visually. It took time to learn it. One can learn it in five to ten hours and within one or two weeks one can build a sophisticated platform for the marketplace or any type of platform. The idea of creating bubble first came to Joshua Haas (Co-Ceo, Founder at Bubble) head.

There are two levers that actually make bubble cheaper and faster. One is that more people can do it and in particular anyone as a non-technical person can do it and it’s much faster to build. In terms of cheap, it varies from the users’ perspective, from 10x to 50x cheaper. The speed of the iteration is actually almost more valuable than the cash savings. This is what makes people’s businesses succeed.

There are so many bubble customers success stories. There is a company called Y Combinator with three or four million dollars seed, used bubble even though they could have done it manually with engineers. They built the entire back office in bubble.

The vision of bubble is to become the primary platform for software creation and make everything easy. Most companies don’t have an IT department, most businesses are taking a bold but they are not like tech companies. Bubble wants to build new tools for companies like these. Emmaneul believes that bubble will be the platform where all software is built starting from start-ups.

In the initial days, there was skepticism regarding bubble i.e no-code business and so were investors. That’s why bubbles bootstrapped in the early years because of skepticism in people. In 2018, they decided to pull the trigger because fundraising is easier today. Because bubble can build almost everything now.

After saying yes to fundraising, bubble raises $6 Million to become the platform for building startups. In initial days, there were just two people ( Emmaneul and Josh) supporting 80,000 users. After raising $6.25 Million seed funding, they started to recruit and expand the business to a level they are visioning. Now they are hiring the engineering side and working hard on performance and scalability to make sure they keep scaling nicely with their users. Now they have a forum that is extremely online to drive a lot of SEO traffic.

Bubble is not using AI (Artificial Intelligence). There are 240,000 apps running on bubble right now. The more they, the more they see patterns of what people are building. What is right and what is wrong and what might not be optimal, they observe these things and leverage those data to build a better interface. One thing important here is that they don’t own and look at users’ data.

Bubble is currently at $2 Million ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) right now and it’s growing with time.

Video Timeline

0:00 Introduction.
0:29 What Is Bubble?
3:58 How Bubble Makes It Cheaper & Faster To Build Software
5:48 Bubble Customer Success Stories
7:58 Growing With Companies/Customers
9:27 What’s The Vision of Bubble?
13:07 Why Did You Bootstrap?
15:47 Bubbles $6M Seed Funding Round
17:58 Launching An App With Bubble
20:53 The Forum/Learning To Use Bubble
22:39 What Have You Learning Building Bubble?
23:46 Social Mission of Bubble


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