A Cloud Experts guide to Low Code development, for enterprise transformation and accelerated startup ventures.

As CIO Insight writes Low Code is revolutionizing app development. CMS Wire describes how it is fueling digital transformation, citing Mendix’s State of Low-Code 2021 report, which reveals findings including:

  • In organizations that use low code, more than half (56%) of employees are now using apps built on low-code platforms.
  • Two out of five low-code users reported more collaboration, faster development and lower costs – and that low-code projects reduce costs by 53% and happen 56% faster.
  • Low-code solutions are becoming central to business operations. Among those using low code, 33% have used it to build mission-critical apps.
  • Software developers acknowledge and welcome its flexibility, saying that half of their everyday development work (51%) could be done on a low-code platform.

Our mission is to share the learning and insights required to massively grow the adoption of Low Code development, with a particular focus on enterprise transformation and accelerated startup ventures.

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